The Magus Era

The Magus Era TME

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688 The Final Battle 11 months ago

Translator: LawEditor: Hitesh_

Large trees stood weakly in Fallen Land, vines coiled around the twisted tree trunks, weaving into numerous small tree houses. Each house could accommodate around ten local people.

At first sight, one could find large trees like this thickly standing on both sides of the battle fort built by Ji Hao, and the ends of these two lines of trees could not be seen. A large empty area was left on the front side of the fort as the battlefield, for the non-humankind army to attack the city.

Returning to the battle fort and seeing those large trees that even had ninety percent of leaves fallen because of the lack of nutrition, Ji Hao couldn’t help but sigh. Elder Destiny and those ancestor souls had indeed been thinking about their people, that they generated these large trees to create shelters for their people even by consuming their own powers.

Nevertheless, the natural powers barely existed in Fallen Land, and the ground in this area was formed from sand and rock, without any soil. The water was infrequent as well, therefore, although these ancestor souls had spent quite an effort to generate these trees, they could only watch these large trees wither quickly.

Ji Hao didn’t hav

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