Strongest Abandoned Son

Strongest Abandoned Son SAS

Author: Goose Five

4.4 (1,889 ratings)

1838 Hunt 3 months ago

Translator: Timothy_Editor: Timothy_

Thud, Kai Mi's fist smashed with the world rock and in that instant, the fist cracked apart like a turtle shell and then in another crack, the entire fist disappeared.
After the blood river was hacked apart, Ye Mo's Zi Xu still kept sweeping in lethal force like crazy. At this moment, Kai Mi knew he couldn't fight Ye Mo head on. It's not that he couldn't beat Ye Mo but that he dind't have full control of the body.
When Kai Mi saw his forehead slowly crack open under this strike, he didn't want to fight with Ye Mo anymore.
The spear flew back and the blood river rushed into Zi Xu.
Zi Xu didn't slow down at all. Space itself in the void was drawn over by Zi Xu. If Kai Mi's blood river was like a waterfall in the sky, Ye Mo's Zi Xu was like an endless black hole devouring the entire blood river.
The blood river dissipated but after that Kai Mi was gone.
Ye Mo immediately stretched out his spirit sense domain, one second later, Ye Mo caught a sliver of immortal essence wave in the v

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