Immortal Mortal

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"This is the land of cultivation treasures?" Mo Wuji was slightly suspicious of Kun Yun's words.
Kun Yun waved his hand over himself and cast a dust-removing spell. After which, he chuckled, "Of course it isn't. This is the God Burial Cave. The place that we are going to is called the Resting Land of Gods. When we reach the Resting Land of Gods, you will realise that the number of geniuses and experts in this universe is truly more than you could count."
Mo Wuji nodded. Thereafter, he passed a jade letter to Kun Yun and said, "This is a segment of my Great Art of Destruction. En, according to what you said, this should be a Minor Art of Destruction. Now, I need you to bring me to find that Dao Monarch Darkness Ku Xinren."
"No problem, leave it to me." Kun Yun accepted the jade letter and slapped his chest. Then, he picked up his pot and sped off. Compared to Mo Wuji, he was much more eager to reach the Resting Land of Gods.

Nirvana Learning Academy.
After the restoration of God

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