Battle Frenzy

Battle Frenzy BF

Author: Skeleton Wizard

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605 Invincible Mo Wen! 1 year ago

Translator: BF_RadiantEditor: BF_Radiant

No one has ever heard of any god worshipped by the Mo Family! Furthermore, there was no use praying to any god at this moment!
The Heart's Sword shot through the air!
There wasn't any sonic boom! In fact, there wasn't even any visible shadows formed! However, everyone could feel that this attack was able to reap any life it came into contact with, and it was rushing right towards Mo Wen!
In an instant, all of the sounds and lights coming from the stadium disappeared completely, as Mo Wen slowly pushed his clasped hands out. At this instant, the experts watching the fight could see waves of Soul Power blasting out from his hands akin to bolts of lightning!
It appeared somewhat like the Hundred-Fold Palms Grai had displayed. However, in reality, the Hundred-Fold Palms was just like child's play in the face of Mo Wen's move! Every single palm strike unleashed by him appeared hide the sky and cover the earth as they rumble out, countless shades merging together to form a Soul Lay

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