God Of Slaughter

God Of Slaughter GOS

Author: Ni Cang Tian

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404 Hit to deform it! 11 months ago

Translator: SigmaEditor: Sigma

"Kid, you’re indeed powerful. You will definitely become a brilliant talent of the Divine Radiant Cult," Xiao Ling grinned. "This is certainly not what I want to see. Killing you is to weaken the future power of the Divine Radiant Cult. I will not let you grow."
Xiao Ling’s entire body had been metalized, dashing towards Shi Yan while launching an all-conquering metal Intent Domain to strike him.
Shi Yan didn’t seem to know that Xiao Ling had been metalized. His whole body’s muscles were convulsing, but he still started to fight back.
Since both of them didn’t use any secret techniques or any secret treasures, they looked like two barbarians fighting each other.
When the mutated Petrifaction Martial Spirit collided with Xiao Ling’s Diamond Martial Spirit, it was like stone against stone. It was unexpected that the Petrifaction Martial Spirit did not have the lower hand.
Dang dang dang!
The ear-splitting metal sounds resounded from the bodies of the two of them.
When Xiao Ling engaged in close combat, his metalized body, which should supposedly be not at all inferior, got hit unexpectedly under Shi Yan’s bombardment and produced chinking sounds. This kind of violent energy im

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