Age of Cosmic Exploration

Age of Cosmic Exploration ACE

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When Jay and Yao Yuan arrived at the pathway leading to the third floor, they were distraught to realize that it had indeed collapsed. The collapse was so complete that there wasn’t space for a rat to squeeze through, much less a full grown man.

After an uncomfortable moment of disbelief and stunned silence, Yao Yuan met Jay’s eyes and said, "There’s no other way now. Get closer to the rocks and try to focus on the plant’s presence. You don’t need to use your power yet, just try to clear your mind. There are still two changes of potion available down there, so I believe we’re safe for the next 20 hours."

After a pause, Yao Yuan added, "Jay, you stay here. I need to go meet up with the rest to come up with a plan. But trust me. I’ll be back as soon as possible."

After hearing that, Jay panicked. "Wait, Yao Yuan! I can’t focus with all that’s going on around us. Plus, I have no idea how I obtained this power in the first place; how do you expect me to switch it on just like that?! It’s pointless for me to stay here, so how about I follow you up there and we’ll come back here together in 20 hours?"

Grabbing Jay by his shoulder, Yao Yuan sternly said

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