Age of Cosmic Exploration

Age of Cosmic Exploration ACE

Author: Zhttty

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Translator: LonelytreeEditor: Lucas

"This is the underground base, over. I repeat, this is the underground base, over…"

A few soldiers were yelling into the communicator on the first floor, but they had received nothing but static in return.

Even though they had screamed until their voices were hoarse, they didn’t cease passing the communicator around to each person so that they could try to gain contact with the Hope. Suddenly, the static cleared. Everyone was shocked, but they quickly huddled around the soldier who held the communicator.

The soldier took a deep breath and said, with a coarse voice, "This is the underground base’s temporary central command. Over. Can you hear me?"

A few seconds later, a clear voice came from the other end of the communicator. "Yes, I can hear you just fine! This is the Hope’s central command. I’m Jason, the Hope’s security crew leader. Please contact Major Yao Yuan immediately; there has been an emergency!"

"Understood. The Major will be here in a minute," replied the soldier.

A moment later, a sweaty Yao Yuan rushed into the room and swiped the communicator in his palm. "This is Yao Yuan. Give me a report on the Hope’s current sit

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