Age of Cosmic Exploration

Age of Cosmic Exploration ACE

Author: Zhttty

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90 One Last Gamble! 3 years ago

Translator: LonelytreeEditor: Lucas

"Leave both of them behind!"

Yao Yuan turned back to look at the two wounded agents with a steely gaze. Not part of the Black Star unit, they were members of an additional unit attached to his mission. Their help had been instrumental to the mission success but unfortunately, two of them had been mortally wounded by stray bullets.

"But we’re in the middle of the enemy’s camp. And this is a covert operation, if they were to fall into enemy hands…" a recently-rescued government official said hurriedly.

"You’re right. The information they have is too valuable…"

Retrieving a silencer, Yao Yuan leaned into one of the agent. He whispered into his ear, "This is for the benefits of the majority. I’m sorry but please rest well. If luck would have it, maybe I’ll see you soon…"

A crimson blossom bloomed in the air following a violent shock…

Memories of his past operations as the leader of the Black Star unit suddenly flashed through Yao Yuan’s mind…

"Captain, captain?!"

The voice pulled Yao Yuan back into reality.

Realizing the sound came from his communicator, he quickly responded, "yes, any update?"

"This is the latest report, captain. The crew ha

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