Age of Cosmic Exploration

Age of Cosmic Exploration ACE

Author: Zhttty

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132 Victory! 3 years ago

Translator: LonelytreeEditor: Lucas

Yao Yuan rushed straight ahead. However, his speed started to slow because the energy of his propellers started to run out. Along the way, he saw 5 more bodies!
Thankfully, neither Ying nor Liu Bai were among them. Weirdly enough, the bodies looked like they had been sliced through by a sharp wire, and their wounds had signs of burning. It was obvious that they had been killed by laser weapons!
The corridor was set with laser traps.
As Yao Yuan stepped into the corridor, he instantly noticed that something was off. The apparatus found in the area looked crude and arid; in other words, not products that corresponded to this civilization’s technological status.
"…Does this mean the AI wasn’t born here but moved here after the battleship was destroyed?"
Yao Yuan activated his Thinker’s power to search for a logical answer. Depending on this answer, there could be 2 wildly different scenarios.
If the AI was originally born here, then it meant that the AI had a similar importance as the Hope’s central mainframe. This meant that the alien civilization would heavily guard this AI’s existence, so the road ahead would be incredibly dangerous. Chances were he might perish be

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