The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

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Unlike the others who felt as though they were bound hand and foot, Ai Hui was like a fish in water, glad to be back in a familiar environment.

In the Wilderness, darkness ruled. Numerous massacres and sneak attacks occurred quietly in that very darkness, seizing lives and warmth. Strength didn’t matter; the elementalists who were unable to adapt to the dark would not survive.

Ai Hui soon sensed a presence nearby—so close that he anticipated they would pass each other.

Initially, he had no intention of attacking. As long as he managed to hide and keep silent in a corner for five minutes, he could collect the prize money and leave because the rules stated that he would win as long as he persevered for five minutes without being defeated.

It was, however, a matter of life and death in the Wilderness. No rules applied.

When Ai Hui realized that the situation was not as he had expected, he responded instinctively. The opponent was dangerously close to him. If the opponent attacked, he wouldn’t be able to launch a counterattack. Ai Hui entered a flowing state and gauged the danger level using the terrifying
dire beasts that lived in the Wilderness as a benchmark.

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