The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

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14 Harder than Iron, Stronger than Steel 4yr

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Lou Lan, who was sitting by the entrance of the Vanguard Training Hall, was bored to death.

When he finally noticed the limping Ai Hui, who had a bloody nose and a swollen face, he crooked his head and curiously asked, "Ai Hui, what happened?"

The moment Ai Hui identified Lou Lan, Ai Hui’s dull eyes suddenly brightened. Without any hesitation, he grabbed onto Lou Lan and shoved the door open. "Do me a favor!"

Lou Lan stood up immediately and replied somewhat happily, "Okay."

Hurriedly pulling Lou Lan into the training hall, Ai Hui chose a spacious area before firmly standing still. With a serious expression, he sincerely requested, "Beat me up!"

Lou Lan opened his eyes wide as he gawked at Ai Hui; he thought he had heard wrong.

"Come on, hit me! As hard as you can!" Ai Hui urged.

He had been crashing and knocking into everything on his way back, but the amount of metal elemental energy that remained in his body was still aplenty. However, he had exhausted all hi

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