The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

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22 Duanmu Huanghun’s Roar 4yr

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At that moment when Duanmu Huanghun opened his eyes, one would not know how to describe what he was thinking. In reality, his mind was blank.

His entire body was shivering due to the cold while a guy was pressing against his chest with both arms and panting heavily. He could not see the guy’s face clearly. As his head buzzed, his mind blanked out as if he was heavily punched in the side of the head.

Ai Hui noticed that Duanmu Huanghun’s eyes were open, however, his pupils… seemed to be disorganized?

Although he had seen a lot of grisly scenes in his life, Ai Hui panicked for a moment. When he first entered the Wilderness, there was a total of two thousand laborers. In the end, only two survived. The rest were forever buried in the muddy ground of the Wilderness. Ai Hui witnessed how they fell into pools of their own blood firsthand. He saw how their eye pupils dilated until life disappeared from them.

“Lou Lan, what’s wrong with him?”

“Hey buddy, wake up! Are you okay?

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