The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

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“Lou Lan, do you want to try?” Ai Hui turned his head and suddenly asked.

“Try?” Lou Lan reiterated vacantly, “Try what?”

“To go on stage and fight.”

“Go on stage….and fight?” Lou Lan’s eyes widened, and then he shouted, “Ai Hui, do you mean for me to go on stage and join the competition?”

Ai Hui, who had been perfectly composed, was startled by Lou Lan’s sudden outburst. He calmed his heart before replying, “Yes. It says here that a team of two is required to participate. If you don’t feel like, then…”

“Okay,” Lou Lan answered straightforwardly, but he was not without any hesitation. “But I have never been in a fight. What if we lose?”

“Then we move on to the next one,” Ai Hui replied matter-of-factly. “Win some, lose some. There's nothing wrong. You can take it as practice.”

His words eliminated Lou Lan’s worry.

However, when he tried to register, the manager plainly rejected him.

“Sand puppets are not allowed. They are not human, so they do not see with th

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