The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

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110 Mingxiu’s Concern 4yr

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Although Ai Hui hadn’t provided more “bunny hair” yet, Manager Li gave him a sum of money as a deposit without any hesitation. He was acting so generous that Ai Hui started to feel worried about whether he was shrewd enough to make money.

No profiteer, no money!

When she recognized the concern in Ai Hui’s tone, Mingxiu couldn’t help but burst into laughter. “Ai Hui, you are so…realistic. But if you think he is stupid, then you can stop worrying. He has been conducting business with our workshop for many years, and he is a very shrewd businessman. The reason why he is so generous is that we are taking a percentage of profit that is less than what he expected.”

“Less than his expectation?” Ai Hui’s eyes widened. He seemed to be prepared to rush out and get Manager Li back at any moment.

Mingxiu gave him a glance. “Do you think I’d let you suffer any loss?”

Ai Hui looked embarrassed. “Of course not. I’m not an ungrateful person! And I always really appreciate your help. I’m

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