The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

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111 Unique Hand Palaces 4yr

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Just now, in the embroidery workshop, Ai Hui had been totally immersed in the happiness that the money had brought him. As a result, as soon as he went back to the training hall, he bragged with Lou Lan for quite a while.
Lou Lan had been distraught these past few days since he had just been separated from Master Shao, and Ai Hui had been so engaged in training that had no time to think about Lou Lan. Therefore, Ai Hui seriously bragged with Lou Lan for a whole afternoon.
But Ai Hui soon realized that bragging for an afternoon was much more tiring than training, and he decided to replace "bragging with Lou Lan" with "training with Lou Lan."
Fortunately, he still had the elemental soup prepared by Lou Lan—it was so delicious that Ai Hui nearly bit his own tongue.
Its delectable taste lessened the pain he was feeling for the one hundred thousand yuan for its ingredients.
In the evening, Lou Lan went back to Master Shao's former residence and busied himself in organizing the things t

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