The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

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113 A Strange Message 4yr

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Ai Hui had been certain that Mistress would give him a scolding, but he did not expect her to just throw him a new pair of Sword Rattan Gloves without saying a word.

The embroidery workshop did not sell Sword Rattan Gloves, and it was only he who used them.

It was likely that Mistress had spent the whole night weaving it for him.

Ai Hui was touched. Mistress was the perfect example of ‘all bark and no bite.’ She treated him as if he were her own disciple.

The workshop’s ruins had already been sorted out.

However, it was still not suitable for Ai Hui to train in the embroidery workshop, so he took the Sword Rattan Gloves and returned to the training hall.

Ai Hui could only feel the effect of the Sword Rattan Gloves when he trained.

After a deep breath, Ai Hui began.

The Sword Rattan Gloves worked very well indeed. The instant he removed the Sword Rattan Gloves and untied the Blood Bandage, he immediately felt the trembling of the elemental energy mass withi

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