The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

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126 I am the Wind of the North Sea 4yr

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Zhou Xiaoxi was worried sick. He was flying at his highest speed as he knew that the students could not hold on for too long.
Every one hundred kilometers, he would stop and chop down a tree to see if the blood poison had spread to that area. However, every time he stopped to check, his disappointment would only increase. He had already flown halfway through the Garden of Life, but the cores of the trees he chopped down were still red in color.
He could not imagine what was going to happen. He felt fear.
In his eyes, the boundless Garden of Life had become a boundless sea of blood.
The Garden of Life was being corroded by the blood poison. His body was also being corroded by the blood poison. It was like a monster that continuously devoured his elemental energy, making itself grow increasingly stronger.
He clenched his teeth and flew with all his might. However, he soon discovered that his pair of azure wings was becoming weaker and his flying speed was decreasing.
He became dism

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