The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

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Six people made breakthroughs in their base levels.

Shi Xueman, who had just completed her Circulatory Cycle Revolution, was observing the rest of the students closely. Upon seeing the six break through to the next stage, she was rather happy. The battlefield was the best classroom. Nothing could stimulate one’s potential better than the pressure of death.

Her joy did not last long because she had too many things to do.

Her lousy performance during the battle had not caused her to lose confidence and give up. The sense of failure was a rather unfamiliar feeling for her. Even so, she did not think of giving up. After calming down, she recalled certain details from the battle and developed a new understanding of the things she had learned in the past

The evidence had proven that she was not a genius in terms of combat techniques.

She reached out to Jiang Wei, Sang Zhijun, and some of the students to summarize the losses they had suffered during the battle. Since she could

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