The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

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195 Fire Enhancing Soup 4yr

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Another bowl?

Lou Lan was stunned. Fatty was stunned as well.

Wait… did he just drink… chili fire oil? Chili! Fire! Oil!

Fatty’s eyes widened abruptly. A blazing flush could be seen extending from his neck upward. His fingers crooked involuntarily as they ended up grabbing nothing but air, resembling someone who was drowning and struggling to stay alive.

He looked at Lou Lan with agony on his face as he felt lava surging through his throat. This resulted in him crying while speaking unclearly. "Rou Ran…"

"Fatty, wait for me!" Lou Lan exclaimed before he turned around and dashed into his room.

Sitting alone on the ground, Fatty wanted to cry, but there were no tears coming out from his eyes. He had realized how stupid he was. Every second was torture to him. Rather than cold tiles, the floor beneath his butt felt like a volcanic crater. His body was burning. Indeed, he felt like a roasted pig now. His entire body was surging with flames.

Fatty never thought that he

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