The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

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241 Dragonspine 4yr

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Ai Hui and Shi Xueman walked out of the mayor residence side by side.

Ai Hui suddenly stopped in his tracks and looked at Shi Xueman with seriousness written all over his face.

Upon noticing Ai Hui’s weird behaviour, Shi Xueman stopped in her tracks and cast a puzzled look at him. She did not know if it was because Ai Hui had had a breakthrough, but his gaze was heart-piercing like a sword.

Seeing that Ai Hui looked somewhat unnatural, Shi Xueman put on a calm-looking face and asked, "Is there a problem? In such a devastating disaster, no one can escape unscathed. Everyone is fighting for their own lives."

"Thank you," Ai Hui suddenly opened his mouth and said.

"Ahh…" Shi Xueman was at a loss. She had never heard the phrase "thank you" coming out of Ai Hui’s mouth before. She had also never expected Ai Hui to thank her in such a situation.

Just when she was about to say something, Ai Hui had already walked past her.

At that moment, Shi Xueman felt really stupid. S

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