The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

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248 Tree Spirit’s Blood 4yr

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Shi Xueman lashed out hatefully, putting as much power as she could into the attack. The elemental energy within the cavern appeared to be greatly disturbed by this swift, impactful blow.

The lady in red laughed lightly as she sashayed lithely into a wisp of red smoke.

"You have to be more gentle, my dear, or we’ll all be buried together. Wouldn’t he like that though."

The lady in red teased Shi Xueman in a dreamy, relaxed voice, making her blush.

Cirrus’ speartip stopped right in front of the cavern’s rock wall, but its spear ray sliced deeply into the wall like a hot knife through butter. Shi Xueman sneered coldly and took a step back. She skillfully spun her spear backward, making its base face the ceiling. Her entire motion reminded one of a large whale slapping its tail up into the air.

The spear’s base accurately deflected the red sleeve that was stealthily flying toward the back of her head.

The power within the spear’s base exploded, ripping the lady in red’s

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