The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

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256 Liao Nan Beheaded 4yr

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Liao Nan had not expected that Shi Xueman would suddenly take action. He was shocked to see the spear swiftly piercing toward him.

Shi Xueman’s super quick assault created a stream of lights that gradually enlarged in Liao Nan’s eyes. Liao Nan’s pupils constricted abruptly. As he rapidly retreated, his palm lit up with red light and slapped at the spear, but it was instantly penetrated by the awl-like spear.

With a muffled groan, Liao Nan sped up sharply and reappeared several meters away.

He looked at the bloody hole on his hand and deeply asked, "Why?"

"No matter what you say, we are enemies. So, why not cut the crap?" Shi Xueman said indifferently. Her voice was as chilly as the morning mist.

Liao Nan asked, "As long as I’m a blood elementalist, you just can’t let it go? No exception?"

"Maybe there will be." Her calm and clear voice revealed no emotion. Looking directly into Liao Nan’s eyes, she said, "But it won’t be you."

"Apparently, it was all my wish

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