The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

4.39 (613 ratings)

304 Sword Chime And Swirling Sandstorm 4yr

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The hovering fine light beams energized everyone.
Wang Han was starting to retaliate!
This was what everyone wanted to see. The Sha Guards were so powerful that everyone felt that Wang Han had slim chances of winning. It would be dull and boring if Wang Han just placed down his weapon and surrendered.
Wang Han was not a fool, but rather a vicious and merciless expert. As such, why would he had stood there and waited for his death? The skydiving fire sword move that he executed yesterday night lit up the entire night sky and stunned everyone, giving rise to an unrealistic expectation in everyone’s heart.
What would Wang Han’s retaliation be?
Fine light beams shot out from the ground towards the sky and stood tall and upright, looking like glowing light webs. The light webs were stacked layer upon layer, completely enveloping the air space above the training hall. The top of the stack of light webs was narrow while the bottom was wide. It looked like a gigantic bronze bell.

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