The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

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315 Aristocratic Families and New Citizens 4yr

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Ai Hui was wondering about the fire lotus seeds. Several days had passed, but no one else came to buy them.
Fire lotus seeds were supposed to be hot sellers, as many people came to ask about them and were interested in them. Judging from the situation then, it shouldn’t be this unmarketable.
He would look into this when he had time.
Having finished today’s training, the three students and Fu Yonghao teetered home.
Before leaving the training hall, Su Qingye suddenly went up to Ai Hui and whispered, "Teacher, my dad said you must be cautious with the challenge."
Ai Hui paused for a second and then patted Su Qingye’s head, "Got it. Go home now boy."
Seeing Su Qingye leaving, Ai Hui was absorbed in thought.
Suddenly, the message tree began to flicker.
Ai Hui came back to his senses and walked to the message tree. He was surprised to see the message. It was from Jiang Wei.
When Jiang Wei left last time, he asked Ai Hui if he could take a leaf of the message tree with him. At that

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