The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

4.4 (575 ratings)

700 Disturbance 1 year ago

Translator: Irene_Editor: Lucas, TYZ

About 10 kilometers away, two blurry figures surfaced in the sky. They were surrounded by a layer of peculiar airflow, akin to a transparent eggshell. Through the layer, two familiar silhouettes, Hong Rongyan and Autumn Water, could be seen.
Autumn Water's injuries had yet to heal, so she appeared rather dispirited and had on a dull expression. As usual, she remained motionless like a statue. The clay doll, which was initially on her shoulder, was now sitting on Hong Rongyan's. In spite of its unrefined face, the puppet moved vividly and even cried out occasionally.
"How amazing!"
"The Radiance Blood Division is so strong."
Hong Rongyan looked on indifferently, as if he couldn't hear anything. The eggshell-shaped airflow around him was a Concealment Orb. It could screen off and isolate their breaths, allowing them to camouflage into any environment.
The clay doll crooked her head. "Should we take this chance to rob them?"
"Are your injuries healed?" Hong Rongyan asked.
"No," the

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