Otherworldly Evil Monarch

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Author: Feng Ling Tian Xia

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Li Shang smiled wryly, "Well if His Majesty wasn't behind what had happened today, the Li Residence would be covered with corpses by now. Not a single one of us would live! That would have been Jun Zhantian's original intention. If there weren't the case, he wouldn't have gone to the extent of mobilising the army! Somewhere in between, something must have happened to change his mind. As for the person who could cause Jun Zhantian to change his mind was none other than the Emperor! Oh, there is another, his grandson, Jun Moxie. Earlier, you told me that the debauchee was killed. It seemed that may not be the case. If Jun Moxie really died, even His Majesty may not be capable of holding Jun Zhantian back. Therefore, I believe that Jun Moxie is still alive. In addition, Jun Zhantian should have only received this information recently."
"Hence, Jun Zhantian had very little influence over what had happened. Although today it seemed that we have fallen into misfortune for no reason. I belie

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