Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Otherworldly Evil Monarch OEM

Author: Feng Ling Tian Xia

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85 I Really Cannot Fight 3yr

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"Someone bought it already?" Jun Moxie asked warily. He sat upright and said, "A person would only need this herb to heal blocked or damaged meridians. How could it be that at such a critical moment, someone else bought it? Could someone from our residence have released this information? Is someone trying to plot against us?"
"I doubt so," Jun Wuyi shook his head. "Only a few know that the Jun Family is looking for this herb, and even fewer know that this herb is for me. It is not possible for anyone to make the connection between our purchase of this herb and its importance in my recovery. Could it just be a mere coincidence? Or is heaven's will trying to prevent me from recovering?"
Jun Moxie bit his lips as he paced back and forth with a frown on his face. If there was only one missing ingredient out of the five essential medicinal herbs, he could easily replace it with other combinations to concoct a medicine that was only slightly less effective. But if there were two missing in

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