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84 Grandpa's New Actions 3yr

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After a few more days, Grandpa Jun's interest in building a tall tower was piqued again. The garden in the center of the Jun residence became bustling with activity. Countless famous flowers were dug out from the roots. A tall and straight tower standing at seven floors was erected. A sentry post was placed at the top of the building to monitor the surroundings.
When there was nothing to do, Grandpa Jun would often bring his men to stroll around the residences of the officials situated near the Jun family's residence. In the middle of the night, the sound of trampling hooves could be heard. The battle cries were deafening—Grandpa was doing his best to train them!
However, the training didn't matter much to Grandpa Jun. Over the past few days, the officials around the Jun family were getting more and more frightened. Finally, they didn't hesitate to spend a large sum of money to buy another house and move out. Before anyone could even move in, Grandpa Jun gave the order and the entire

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