Otherworldly Evil Monarch

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Author: Feng Ling Tian Xia

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86 Terrifying Ability! 3yr

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Because of the huge cultivation gap between Jun Moxie and Guan Qinghan, he would not be able to cause her any damage even if he managed to hit her. However, the throat was a vulnerable and weak point in the human body. At the same time, the elbow was an extremely effective weapon because it could withstand stress. If one struck the weakest part of one's opponent with the strongest part of one's own, it would definitely be possible to triumph over a stronger opponent. In this case, it only needed one hit to kill!
A single move by Jun Moxie was sufficient to land a lethal blow!
Jun Wuyi was utterly shocked!
Could Jun Moxie truly be so intelligent? Or was the entire event simply a coincidence? Jun Wuyi cleared his thoughts and continued watching the duel before him with heightened concentration and close attention. He scrutinized every move that was executed and while it seemed that every single blow landed were direct hits to Jun Moxie, in Jun Wuyi's eyes, an absolutely contrasting sc

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