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81 Reason For Faking Injury 3yr

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Jun Zhantian could not help but feel apprehensive as he observed the discouraging look on Sir Fang's face. He asked, "Old Fang, how is it?"
Fang Huisheng looked at Jun Moxie with pity. He shook his head and sighed, "His life is in no danger, but as for the rest, they are in a horrible state."
"Horrible?" Grandpa Jun was shocked. "How horrible?"
"Stagnant meridians, with faint signs of overexertion, his internal organs are also damaged, this…" he sighed before raising his head, "Did the Third Young Master undergo any intense strenuous exercise just before this? In addition, the intensity involved is one that exceeds what a person's body could handle!"
Jun Zhantian felt a sense of foreboding as he replied, "Indeed, he did that for about seven days. In fact, just a day before yesterday…"
"There's the problem…" Fang Huisheng retracted his hands, his eyebrows wrinkling. "The human body can sometimes be deficient, and Third Young Master's body was originally weak, to begin with. With a

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