Otherworldly Evil Monarch

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Author: Feng Ling Tian Xia

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With a pleased look on his face and his hands clasped behind his back, Jun Zhantian slowly walked out of the room. However, as soon as he left the room, his smiling face turned expressionless, exuding an air of stifling venerance. Observing the face of Jun Zhantian, the servants figured that Jun Moxie would never recover or be much more than a cripple. Otherwise, why would Jun Zhantian's face be as black as soot?
Tang Yuan returned home and recounted all the details of this trip to Tang Wanli, who sighed heavily and thought, "I would never have imagined that a mighty military family like the Juns, once full of celebrated generals, would fall to this state. It is indeed a tragedy that their last descendant has no choice but to lead the life of a mere civilian."
With much hemming and hawing, Tang Yuan told Tang Wanli about Jun Zhantian's sudden burst of anger. Sure enough, Tang Wanli, too, burst out in anger, exclaiming, "You idiot! You have no idea what kind of jerk Li Shang is! It w

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