Otherworldly Evil Monarch

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Author: Feng Ling Tian Xia

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Jun Zhantian did not speak but in his heart, he was silently supportive of it. He was despondent and overwhelmed with despair for the events that happened in the past few days. Initially, he had wished to die with all of these people but His Majesty stopped him. Coupled with the safe return of his grandson, Jun Zhantian was already gradually feeling more positive. Even if everything had gone according to His Majesty's wishes, any of the other great families would have been obliterated by now if not for the Jun Family! In hindsight, it was truly a precarious and terrifying moment.
"Grandfather, your unwavering loyalty to the Imperial Family cannot be questioned, but that is only you," Jun Moxie said. "Although the Jun Family seems to be capable of controlling the entire world, in reality, our family power only depends on a single Imperial Decree from the Emperor! With just one decree, our family could be erased in an instant! I am not used to this, and I believe neither will Third Uncl

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