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93 Blazing Heart Meridian! 3yr

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After such an aggressive bidding session, subsequent bids did not draw much attention or reaction even though they were auctioned off at much more exorbitant prices than usual. Finally, it was the item Jun Moxie had been anticipating, the Blazing Heart Meridian!
"The Blazing Heart Meridian is an extremely poisonous herb. Also known as the Bone Mist, it's poison was so overpowering that it could cause one's soul to be ripped apart and scattered in the wind! However, this herb also had extraordinary healing abilities for a particular group of people, especially for people who are infected with strong poison. A small dose of this herb would instantly nullify the poison and cure the user. If an advanced Mystic Qi cultivator could assimilate this poisonous herb into his bones and flesh, he could even render his body immune to all sorts of poison! The starting price for this item is 200,000 taels of silver and each additional bid has to be a minimum of 10,000 taels of silver."
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