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89 Magnificent Jewel Hall 3yr

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Of course, the Magnificent Jewel Hall was not a place that anyone could enter as they please. It was a place solely reserved for those in the upper echelons of society. Before entering, even purses had to be assessed on whether they are sufficiently packed.
Nobody knew when the Magnificent Jewel Hall was established or who established it. Nobody knew who ran the business behind the scenes, or which powerful country or clan it belonged to.
The Magnificent Jewel Hall had existed since the time the Heavenly Scent Empire was established. It had survived numerous wars, and lived through many dynasties. Many emperors and warlords had long been forgotten and buried in history, but the Magnificent Jewel Hall remained, and even continued to prosper!
All those who once attempted to interfere with the Magnificent Jewel Hall had already turned to dusts and been forgotten, regardless of whether they were powerful nobles, wealthy businessmen, or formidable swordsmen.
Even members of the royal fa

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