Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Otherworldly Evil Monarch OEM

Author: Feng Ling Tian Xia

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88 "I Don't Have The Herb, You Have It!" 3yr

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"I am just a step away from my goal now!" Jun Wuyi could feel his heart beating faster with excitement.
"I can't delay any further!"
Jun Moxie stood up and headed off for Tang Yuan immediately. He was afraid that clumsy Fatty Tang might damage the herb if he were to delay any further. It would cost the Jun Family a lot of time and money if he had to personally search for the rare herb again, not to mention the mental turmoil and painstaking effort required to find it. Hence, the longer the delay, the higher chance of the troubles he had to face.
Sitting in a sedan, Jun Moxie stretched and laid down. The sedan gradually approached the Tang Residence. When he came to the gate, he was greeted by the sight of a large round meatball-shaped person walking out from within the residence. Donned in a skin-colored gown, Tang Yuan, the Tang Family's young master, was truly dressed in a unique fashion today. Had the gown been smaller by several inches, he would have been easily mistaken as a me

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