Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Otherworldly Evil Monarch OEM

Author: Feng Ling Tian Xia

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90 Jade Sea Coral 3yr

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"To whom do those two boxes belong to?" Jun Moxie asked, pointing at the boxes which the two suspicious groups of people had disappeared into.
"Brother, are you alright? Is your head really muddled?" Tang Yuan stared at him in shocked and quickly explained, "Those two boxes belong to the Second and Third Prince of the Empire! All the three Royal Princes have their boxes placed together, side by side. How can you not know about this?"
"This is just my first visit here, what are you talking about?" Jun Moxie rolled his eyes, clearly annoyed. Tang Yuan thought for a moment and grinned sheepishly. "Indeed, I have never seen Jun Moxie at the Magnificent Jewel Hall in all my past visits, and considering that he did me some favors recently, I shouldn't have said those words to him." Tang Yuan gave his own plump cheek a quick slap and said, "I'm the muddle-headed one!" Jun Moxie stared at him. Knowing that Tang Yuan was just a bootlicker, Jun Moxie simply ignored him. He was contemplating wh

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