Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Otherworldly Evil Monarch OEM

Author: Feng Ling Tian Xia

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600 Chapter 206: Before Tian Guan Lin 4 days ago

Translator: JTJTY97Editor: JTJTY97

<Today's first update!>
"Impossible,"Zi Jing Hong said repeatedly. He was puzzled and stayed in silence for very long before saying,"there's nothing in front of Jun Wu Hui's grave… Nothing! His sword was resting on the altar, and it was extremely clean and shiny. His grave, was not even a cenotaph… it was a Marshal tent… There were chairs and tables, benches, Marshal desk, command plate… Everything was sparkly clean, and Jun Wu Hui's statue was sitting right at the centre."
"There are army camps all around. Everything was placed at where they are supposed to be at, with utmost accuracy. There are three thousand guards, and everyday there would be people patrolling the premise, just like how it was like when Jun Wu Hui was still alive. There was top-level security and everyone entering and leaving would have to undergo a thorough check. There was no exceptions."
"A soldier on patrol would be in proper attire with serious expression, there was no room for jokes! Moreover, their attire

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