Gourmet of Another World

Gourmet of Another World GAW

Author: Li Hongtian

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1303 The Fusion of Two Pots, Wounding the Great Saint! 1 month ago

Translator: StackThatCoinEditor: Granny

The Perishing Pot and the Sword Pot were Bu Fang's strongest offensive means now. They were both added with the farmland's Will of the Great Path and the Explode Gourmet Array, which made them into Death Food Tools. However, he had never tried to use them at the same time, let alone fuse them.
The fusion of the two dishes was not as simple as mixing two ordinary dishes and stir-frying them. Their energy needed to be intertwined so that the fusing process would be stable, and in turn, prevent a premature explosion. Otherwise, as soon as they touched one another, both pots would explode, and Bu Fang would likely be devoured and turned into ashes in an instant.
Death Food Tools were highly-unstable offensive dishes to begin with.
Bu Fang was resolute this time. After all, he had suffered great losses in Sacred Puppet City. He didn't want the losses to go unpaid! Therefore, before leaving, he wanted to give the city an unforgettable memory.
The Nether Puppeteer Patriarch was the strong

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