Painting of the Nine Immortals

Painting of the Nine Immortals PNI

Author: Autumn Morning

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Translator: Sophie_WangEditor: Rundi

The sun peeked through the darkness at dawn the next day.
Inside a dark cave on the outskirts of Sunset City, Lin Qing Yi sat cross-legged with her eyes shut. She breathed gently, her wounds healing with each steady breath.
Beside her, Ling Xian rested against the rocky interior walls and pondered their next step.
It wasn’t fear that made him hesitate. The Third Prince was a powerful figure. Inside the borders of the Zhou Dynasty, he could not move an inch without bloodshed.
The Third Prince was the favorite to become the Crown Prince. His forces were widespread. Countless assassins would be mobilized on his orders to track down and neutralize Ling Xian.
He had to contemplate whether it would be wise to journey to the capital city and seek transport to the Wan Jian House.
Moments passed. Lin Qing Yi opened her eyes and exhaled softly. Her body had half recovered. But she was far from a full recovery.
She had been pursued for days. Her injuries were extensive.
"You’re awake."
Ling Xian smiled at her and continued, "How are you feeling?"
"Better, thank you." Lin Qing Yi paused a moment and beamed with delight. She asked, "Should I address you as a Master Ling, or Young Mas

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