Martial God Space

Martial God Space MGS

Author: Fu Xiao Chen

3.6 (472 ratings)

379 Semi-Sage Blood Slave! 2 years ago

Translator: Novel_SagaEditor: Novel_Saga

Ye Xiwen had never put any restrictions on the wolf cub. So, he let him go!
The ‘Hidden Star Peak’ became even quieter after the wolf cub left. It had turned silent. Ye Xiwen went inside his small courtyard and laid out a barrier. Then, he dived into the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’.
He emerged in a boundless scarlet world. There was a huge blood pool, and a big figure was getting churned inside it.
The Star Colossus had become much calmer in comparison to how it used to be two years ago. A lot of its power had been extracted in these two years. It wasn’t enough to prove fatal for it, but it was sufficient to make it quiet.
“Ye Mo, let’s begin. I want to condense a blood slave!” Ye Xiwen stated. Ye Xiwen had accumulated 50 million ‘Spirit Dans’ several times in the past two years. This was the amount that was required to condense a blood slave of semi-sage realm. However, he had never condensed one. Instead, he had consumed those ‘Spirit Dans’ to operate his mysterious space in order t

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