The Devil's Cage

The Devil's Cage TDC

Author: Rusty Dragon

4.6 (282 ratings)

142 The Killer’s Organization 11 months ago

Translator: DessEditor: Efydatia

[Player Lawless has requested to enter the house, Yes/No?]
The notification popped up right after the knock.
Kieran was not surprised by Lawless’s presence there.
After their short conversation back in the Harvest Inn, Lawless did not had any solid proof to doubt Kieran’s theory. However, that had not stopped him from trailing Kieran to see the truth with his own eyes.
Kieran had been well aware that Lawless had been following him. That huge backpack of his was extremely eye-catching.
Even though Lawless had purposely boarded the wrong train, Kieran had noticed him the moment Lawless had entered the narrow alleyway.
He had also been present when Nobian had ambushed Kieran and Kieran had killed him in self-defense.
Lawless had witnessed the whole incident and had seen the truth with his own eyes. He had been very open-minded about everything he had watched.
He had been on Kieran’s side right from the start though. He would never have sided with a killer.
Kieran granted Lawless

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