The Devil's Cage

The Devil's Cage TDC

Author: Rusty Dragon

4.6 (282 ratings)

143 Upgrade Part III 11 months ago

Translator: DessEditor: Efydatia

In order to combat Nobian, Kieran had upgraded three skills in total.
[Hand-to-Hand Combat], [Firearm Weapon (Light Firearm)] and [Evading].
[Name: Hand-to-Hand Combat (Musou)]
[Related Attributes: Strength, Agility, Constitution]
[Skill Type: Offensive]
[Effects: Your punches and kicks are your best weapon, Increases Damage by 60%]
[Special Effects: Musou Combat Kicks (When you strike with your kicks, they temporarily grant you +3 Strength and Agility)]
[Consumes: Stamina]
[Prerequisites: Strength D, Agility D, Constitution D]
[Remarks: Your Hand-to-Hand Combat Skill is unparalleled!]
[Hand-to-Hand Combat leveled up, Related attributes increasing…]
[Strength D+ → C-]
[Agility D → D+]
[Constitution D→ D+]
[Name: Firearm Weapon, Light Firearm (Musou)]
[Related Attributes: Strength, Constitution, Intuition]
[Skill Type: Offensive]
[Effects: You know how to use a handgun, rifle, revolver, assault rifle, submachine gun and sniper rifle better, Increases Damage by

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