Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming

Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming HALBAPC

Author: Erbao Angel

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885 Pomelo Leaves 4 months ago

Translator: Lan_Editor: Efydatia

She must have been aware of the time and known clearly what he was doing thanks to the sound of the water drops. As a moral agent, she kept a proper distance from the actor she worked for. Even the subtlest action was prohibited.
Qin Guan got out of the bathroom and dried his hair off with a towel, smiling at her tactfulness. When he put on his pajamas and opened his laptop, he saw what she had meant.
The microblog had caused him trouble again! The blog was an instant, convenient method to show off, yet it also had its flaws.
In his previous post, Qin Guan had been standing barefoot on the white beach, the green ocean and blue sky serving as his background. That day, he hadn't updated the microblog in time for the banquet, which caused his fans to go crazy.
His close friends and relatives used all kinds of means to make sure he was safe and confirm his schedule, but his fans online were not as lucky.
Losing contact with Qin Guan made them question everything and come up with strange theories.
"Striking news! A military coup just took place in Thailand!"
"That's terrible! But what has it got to do with us?"
"Qin Guan is in Thailand visiting a friend. Didn't you know?"
"I ha

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