The Invincible Dragon Emperor

The Invincible Dragon Emperor TIDE

Author: Yao Ye

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Translator: Panda_PennEditor: Chrissy

The battle at the Drifting Cloud City was over, but the war over the Clouds Plains wasn't. That being said, the final outcome had been predetermined now that Lu Ling had controlled all the Human Sovereign Realm warriors.

Lu Li sent someone to Ye Hu and told him to let God of Meng and Ke Mang to go hide in Mount Mist. Lu Li had achieved what he had come for. There was no need for God of Meng to come. After all, he was from an alien race.

Many had died in the battle. The total number of casualties had reached hundreds of thousands. Privately, Lu Li felt shocked by Lu Ling's hardened heart. He would not have the boldness for such a plan.

Lu Li understood this was built in her character. She would help family and friends at the loss of her own life but she would be merciless to enemies. For those unrelated, she wouldn't shed a tear no matter how many casualties there were.

Lu Ling had gone through too much since she was young. The recklessness of the world had formed her ch

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