The Invincible Dragon Emperor

The Invincible Dragon Emperor TIDE

Author: Yao Ye

4.2 (232 ratings)

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Translator: Panda_PennEditor: Chrissy

Lu Li had already used this trick and took Chen Tianxian and Wu Guangde as the instrument to kill Hao Changjun. Now, he was turning them against each other?
If Chen Tianxian had been young, he might have fallen for it. Lu Li promised nothing and he wanted Chen Tianxian to finish Wu Guangde?
Chen Tianxian might have given it some thoughts if Lu Li had sworn in the name of Emperor of Heaven Reverse again. But Chen Tianxian felt his intelligence was insulted when Lu Li wanted to use him again with only a few words.
Of course, Lu Li's words had some impact. At the very least, Wu Guangde had his guards up in case Chen Tianxian would go in for the kill. The fact that all from the Mage Imperial Universe were insane was not entirely groundless.
Lu Li didn't feel embarrassed that his intention of sowing discord had failed. He said with a grin, "My lord from the Mage Imperial Universe, don't you insult me, either. If I give you the Wicked Bead, you will kill me right away, I believe."

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