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The moment Guiyuan Zhen posed his question, all focus shifted to him.
Among the alchemists present, there were many who knew of Guiyuan Zhen. He was rather famous in the Myriad Divine Territory and had used his skills in the Jadeflame Immortal Orchid to earn quite a sizable fortune.
He had managed to refine three pills using the Jadeflame Immortal Orchid. The first two were made with pill recipes that already existed. With one recipe, he replaced a particular herb with Jadeflame Immortal Orchid, causing its effects to double. The third pill was an original invention of Guiyuan Zhen. He had named it the Jade Orchid Zhenyuan Pill, and it was his secret specialty.
"This Guiyuan Zhen. I thought he would truly ask for advice, but he's just trying to slap the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect in the face," an alchemist who was familiar with Guiyuan Zhen said with a laugh. They all knew Guiyuan Zhen's background.
"Haha! What Brother Guiyuan said is to my liking. These people from the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect are way too flashy, especially those juniors. It's like their noses are so high up in the air that one could see straight to their brains. Just a few moments ago, they completely

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