Ancient Godly Monarch

Ancient Godly Monarch AGM

Author: Jing Wu Hen

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941 Golden Body 11 months ago

Translator: LordbluefireEditor: Lordbluefire

Seeing the look of agitation on the gray-robed old man’s countenance, he turned his gaze ahead, towards the aura of righteousness. It somehow felt like it was in opposition to the terrifying aura of destruction left behind by the Brahma Heavenly Emperor. The two auras seemed to be trapped within this place, as though their combat had lasted through the river of time, without losing any of their brilliance.
This couldn’t help but cause people to have a thought in their minds. Back then the Brahma Heavenly Emperor was unrivaled in the immortal realms, and there was only one individual who could be his opponent. This is where the two had fought, and this is where the unrivaled Brahma Heavenly Emperor had lost his life. How majestic their battle must have been. If time could flow in reverse, Qin Wentian would wish to personally witness the start of this magnificent combat that had lasted through the ages.
The auras of the two emperors hadn’t yet dissipated, despite the passage of countle

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