Ancient Godly Monarch

Ancient Godly Monarch AGM

Author: Jing Wu Hen

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Translator: LordbluefireEditor: Lordbluefire

The four experts frowned, feeling the immense pressure boring down on them, restricting their movements.
"BOOM!" Qin Wentian stepped out as the divine elephant manifestation mirrored the movement, causing the entire space to tremble. Beams of light fell from the sky, shooting towards the four experts.
"Let's act!" The four felt an immense sense of danger as one of them spoke out. As the sound of his voice faded, Shangguang Jianyi's law domain appeared, flooding this area with his sword might. His sword-type astral sword appeared behind him. Pointing his finger at Qin Wentian, a paragon sword beam instantly shot out, emitting a terrifying whistling sound.
Behind the immortal king from the Skymist Immortal Empire, a terrifying divine elephant appeared, roaring at the sky. A fearsome phenomenon appeared as ten thousand elephants galloped forth, tramping on the earth, rushing towards Qin Wentian.
The white tiger and the late-phase mid-stage immortal king from the Nine-Emperors Immortal

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