Ancient Godly Monarch

Ancient Godly Monarch AGM

Author: Jing Wu Hen

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1474 Disbelief 2 weeks ago

Translator: LordbluefireEditor: Lordbluefire

The Saber-Sword Immortal King vanished and he brought Xu Qingyao along. Given how beautiful Xu Qingyao is, there were even people saying that she would definitely be 'tainted' by the arrogant Saber-Sword Immortal King. How could any man not take advantage of such a beautiful woman when he had power over her?
That Saber-Sword Immortal King even dared to directly abduct someone like her. What else would he still not dare to do?
However, this Saber-Sword Immortal King was definitely in for it. This time around, it was unknown how many people he offended by doing so. Was he really planning to antagonize each and every immortal king in the City of Ancient Emperors?
Very swiftly, a voice spread throughout the City of Ancient Emperors, telling the Saber-Sword Immortal King to send Fairy Qingyao back safely without touching a single hair on her head. If he dares to do anything to her, he shall be torn into a million pieces. If he is willing to repent, he has to send Fairy Qingyao back and b

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