Ancient Godly Monarch

Ancient Godly Monarch AGM

Author: Jing Wu Hen

4.4 (1,881 ratings)

1539 Frogs in a Well 5 months ago

Translator: LordbluefireEditor: Lordbluefire

The Jialan Emperor Palace was extremely majestic in appearance and the experts within were as numerous as the clouds.
Jialan Monarch didn't question Beiming Youhuang and Qin Wentian after he brought them here. On the contrary, he politely arranged a banquet to host them both.
During the banquet, Qin Wentian even met Jialan Mingyue's mother. Her mother was a very beautiful woman that looked about thirty plus years of age. She actually was also an immortal emperor expert. Every frown and smile of hers could stir the hearts of people but when she glanced at Beiming Youhuang, her eyes flashed with a deep meaning. Instinct told Qin Wentian that she was on her guard against Beiming Youhuang.
"Beiming Youhuang, regardless of your demeanor or cultivation base, they are both extraordinary. After some time, the nine monarchs will gather and head towards the Lifire Palace. At that time, I'll bring you along. The Empyrean will definitely admire you and at that time, I'll ask him to give you a t

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